Art Beauty



1.Painting & wood carving.

Beginning from Master and pass down to generation to generations, that make Balinese Art still exist until now. That are few villages in gianyar regency, where every village famous by diferent style of art.

There are Batuan Village, famous by art of paniting, Mas village by art of carving, Celuk village by Handicrafts made from Gold & Silver, Kesiman village by Batik weaving and Batubulan village by Barong dance performance & stone carving. All of them became a significant part of daily life for Balinese Hindus and able to give a boost to the economy of Bali.

The real of Balinese art can be seen from the style, and quality of Painting, Carving, or weaving who created by a Master. Usualy they put in their showroom, but sometime you also will find something similar in the art market or along the road side but actually the paintings, carvings, or weavings in the market are low quality (Imitation material) and created by junior or not origin Balinese people who come from the other island.

Paintings, statues, & carvings are key to Balinese fine arts. They are not only decoration, but are often used in the ritual context. The art of Paintings, statues, & carvings can be divided into two categories: the classical and the modern. Works categoriezed as classical adhere to the wayang style in their form and choice of them, as in the paintings, statues, and cravings mentioned above.

Modern style paintings appeared in the next stage of development, when foreign influence entered during the Ducth colonial period. The choice of themes, brush techniques & usage of various media became more diverse the styles unique to the villages of ubud, pengosekan and batuan were the pioneers of modern style painting..




2.Weaving & Handicraft.

Creativity in the artistic field is not only based on the feeling fulfillment in carrying out acts of homeage. Fine art and craft, became the art of carvings, which in turn became a necessity for the people, and also for the tourists who sought them as souvenirs. The special village for silversmith known as Celuk village. Handicrafts made from Gold & Silver, as well as carving on wood have been in the world market for along time.

Through the course of time, platied objects, carvings and weavings became a significant part of daily life for Balinese Hindus. On the other hand, the creation and development of such art objects is much appreciated by the tourist who visit Bali. These artistic and handicraft objects are able to give a boost to the economy of Bali.



Musical Instrument

musical instrument

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