Bali Beaches


1.  Lovina Beach.

Thebeautiful area of a string of coastal villages in north Bali. Lovina Beach located in north Bali, about 3 hours drive from Kuta Beach. It is well known as an excellent site for sunset watching.

Black sand sand of Lovina offers quiet and calm, and is popular Asian tourists and those avoiding the hustle and bustle of the southern beaches. Lovina is one of coves offer tranquil, and protected waters. Lovina beach is popular place for Dolphin watching in early morning, Lovina also offers good snorkeling and diving. The best spot for Diving located few kilometers from Lovina, it is Menjangan Island, part of the Bali Barat National Park.  Lovina is a good base to take day trips to the nearby attractions of north Bali, With a wonderful variety of hotels, restaurants and bars located on calm beach, Lovina offers something different for everyone.



2. Virgin Beach 

Bali tourism is famous by beautiful beaches, every place has unique beach, One of them is located on the Prasi Village,  Karangasem regency, about 2 hours drive from Bali Airport. this beach have not been much explored by many tourists, that why this beach called by Virgin Beach.

The condition of  Virgin Beach is still Natural and Clean
Virgin Beach’s atmosphere still quiet, safe, comfortable, and have not been touched by humans. The atmosphere is unspoiled by the waves are classified as moderate. This beach has clear water so it is suitable for swimming or snorkeling and sunbathing .The beauty of this coastal plain is extremely curved. Situated between two cliffs, so the beach is quite hidden, which is located behind the Mount Bugbug and cooperative. The name “Virgin beach” rightly describes the geography and the beauty of this beach. It lies between two cliffs makes Virgin beaches rather difficult to be found.


padang padang beach

3. Padang-padang Beach

The famous surf point in Bali with the great waves Known as Padang – Padang Beach and white sandy stretch more than 100 meters from the north to the south. This surf point is situated the white stone hill with nature scenery to the Indian Ocean and beautiful sunset at late afternoon that creates the romantic nuance. Padang – Padang Beach  become a favorite surf spot for surfers to explore the great and challenging waves. If you are experience or pro-surfer, Padang – Padang Beach is the right place for you to enjoy the surf adventures during your holidays in the paradise island of Bali. The high waves have made the surfers demands against this surf spots and the exotic scenery of surrounding area are completing this place as a perfect place to be visited.


pandawa beach

4. Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa Beach has a stunning panorama with serene and quiet atmosphere. When entering the beach area, we will be amazed by beautiful panorama of high cliff, flanking the road along 1.5 km. The road is purposively built through limestone hills in Kutuh Village, similar with the hills in GWK (Giant Statue of Vishnu). Approaching the beach, these limestone hills are holed and carved artistically. In these holes, statues of Pandawa characters from Mahabaratha story are placed, such as Yudhistira / Dharmawangsa, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadewa. That why, this beach is called Pandawa Beach. the beach become favorite place for domestic tourist and always busy on the weekand.


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