Bali Chocolate Factory


Charly, the owner of the factory, lives on the premises and we were lucky enough to meet him. He guided us around each of the unique buildings in the compound with the chocolate factory itself reminding me of a cross between a hobbit house and a pyramid. Here, we were able to observe the process of chocolate making and also taste the products.

Charly, an American who first came to Bali 17 years ago, fell in love with Jasri because of the serenity of the area and the great surfing conditions. Wanting to empower the local women, he started up a soap factory using the ingredients available in the area.

Charlies-Chocolate-Factory-MenuAs well as visiting the chocolate factory, we took a look at the humble laboratory where the ladies make soap – I can’t describe the fragrances that filled the air! Next we visited the hut by the sea to observe how the ladies packaged the soap while nursing their children.

Most of the employees have been working in the factory since its establishment, and they affectionately referred to Charly as “Pak Wayan” or “Bang Jaya,” his Balinese name.

Then came the final highlight of the trip – the Chair of Instant Enlightenment. Basically, it is a simple swing made of plastic rope and wood. How to get enlightened? Climb up to a 3-metre high platform, breathe, grab the rope with both hands, sit on the wooden swing and let go! Leave all your fear and stress behind as you float merrily through the air. What a delight!