The Bali’s Hot Spring


1. Banjar Hot Spring

The hot springs  of Banjar is located in the midst of the jungle in a beautifully landscaped tropical garden, close to Lovina Beach, and it consist of three beautiful pool. The sulphuric water is of volcanic origin and has an agreeable warm temperature of 37 degrees Celcius, good to be tried for people suffering from rheumatic diseases. Banjar Hot Spring can be found by 25 minutes from main of Singaraja city. This place is managed by local people, they put complete facilities for your comfort such as : restaurant, loker, changing room, toilet and you can try your skill to bargain at souvenir shop along the way to the pools from parking area.

From the upper pool the water overflows from the mouths of five more nagas into the largest of the three pools, which is square shaped and situated at a lower level. Adjacent to these pools is the third and smallest one from which the water poors down via three 4 meter high spouts, giving you a strong, reviving massage. After 10am especially in the weekends its starts to get crowded with both local people and tourists. So  the best time to visit  the hot springs of Banjar is as early as possible in the morning when it is still quiet in the pools.



2. Aangseri Hot Spring

Visit another pool at Angseri Hot Spring, it is located in the district of Tabanan. AngseriHot Spring, is not very popular with tourists as it provides just the minimum for the basic needs. Before you will arrive at the destination of your choice you have to manage lot of stairs down the hillside which can be slippery from time to time. It is recommended to wear some slip-resistant shoes.

After you have managed all the exciting challenges, from bumpy roads to slippery stairs, you will be rewarded with lovely local scenery. The color of the water is milky green as it is full of sulfates and minerals. You can enjoy Air Panas Angseri Bali in two different ways. In case you love public bathing, chose one of the two public pools which are provided. For couples who would like to enjoy the togetherness, basic and small but private cabins are available. Just few minutes, one of the UNESCO word  heritage site can be found from here.


batur hotspring

3. Batur Natural Hot Spring

Located beside the largest lake in Bali, 1.700 meters above sea level, Batur Natural Hot Spring provides you hot spring pools, managed by different companies, with stunning views of Mount Batur, Mount Abang and Batur Lake. It is the perfect place to take a break from everyday life as it provides all basic amenities such as shower, locker room, towel service, food and beverage outlet, and a pool bar.

Batur Natural Hot Spring is the best natural hot spring in the Island,  cooler and clean air, away from the main tourist areas in the south. Only 45 minutes drive from the famous rice terrace in Ubud. enjoy the amazing view of Batur lake from your pool will be a soft memories in your holiday. For those who plan to stay there overnight, the local hotels are available.