Bali Traditional Market

Condition in the night

Traditional market or called by “pasar” in Indonesian languange still exist until now, created by a condition from long time ago, where is the people try to making the barter or sell something at one place with each other.

In Balinese life & also Indonesian,Going to the pasar” is a daily activity for Indonesian women or their household help. Since refrigerators are too expensive for the poor and Indonesians like their vegetables and meat fresh, this necessitates a trip to the pasar each day to buy ingredients for that day’s meals. While shopping in supermarkets is popular amongst the middle and upper classes, supermarket prices are generally too expensive for the poor.

Prices are not marked on items at traditional markets. Therefore, the fine art of bargaining is taken to new levels as housewives and household help try to get the cheapest prices possible. True shopping savvy means that you already know what the price should be before you start shopping. Prices are compared and news is spread from friend to friend on today’s prices for various items.

For the tour, will take you to the largest Traditional Market in Bali, see the people running business, bargaining,sell all of things like vegetables, fruits, clothes, ceremonial equipment,foods, offerings, etc. and feel  the real atmosphere  of balinese daily life .