Balinese House


Balinese Traditional Compound is unique house building, where you will see the traditional Balinese house complex with several houses building separately set in one house area. The buildings are mostly designed by Balinese architectures taking daily social Balinese life concept pointing out the hospitality. It is very charming concept of house building consisted on several building with different purpose of activities. Mostly, the Balinese people house equipped by major house building includes famaly temple (on the corner northeast), Bale Daja (Building set in the north), Bale Dangin or Bale Gede (building set in the east), Bale Delod (building set in the south) and a kitchen set in the west.

Hospitality Life Concept

Balinese Traditional House is very perfect design taking the hospitality life concept of Balinese people who are involving into their daily social life. It can be seen from the design of each building where it is apposite to each other. Each building is well equipped by terrace or balcony for day resting purpose. All the buildings are designed based on Balinese architectures with Asta Kosala – Kosali concept (fang sui) includes the building measurements are taken from the house owner’s measurement. So every family house will has different house measurements starting from the door, windows, bed until it buildings.