Kintamani And Batur Volcano



Go to the top of Kintamani  to overview the active volcano of Batur Mount and wideLake of Batur in a valley. Located 1700 meters above sea level  this area has cool temperature . Kintamani area is the best  one tourism object & most popular destination for turis in Bali  as well as for trekking.

Kintamani area provide a great view of the caldera of Batur volcano and its fantastic lake, Batur caldera is simply astounding with seven miles in diameter and sixty feet deep. Take the road Kedisan on the shores of the lake we can see the people rent many boats to cross over to Trunyan village (Bali Aga village). The spectacular mountainous region around Kintamani with its natural hot springs, make this place a must to visit. Batur Lake is the largest lake in Bali and the region offers some of the most stunning views to be found anywhere on the island. Batur Lake also provides water for an underground network of streams and springs across the southern slopes of the mountain. Kintamani is really great for day trips or trekking.


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To arrive at Kintamani you need tow hours drive from Bali Airport and you can run through Tampak Siring, and visit few other places of interest you pass such as: Monkey forest Ubud, Tegenungan waterfall, Art villages, Tegalalang rice terrace, etc. The impressive tour experience will you get in Kintamani, where this area have very wonderful scenery. Kintamani located in plateau and also encircled by mountain atmosphere with the windblast from Mount Batur. There are so many local guest house and hotel beside of Batur Lake. Besides that, Mount Batur which to date still be active. Mount Batur in recorded history began in 1804 and the last eruption occurred in 2000. From 1804 until 2005, Mount Batur has erupted more than 26 times and the most devastating occurred on 2 August and ending 21 September 1926. The eruption of Mount Batur it makes the flow hot lava hoard surrounding village and  Ulun Danu Batur temple.


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