1.Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Antonio Maria Blanco (born in Manila, Philippines, 15 September 1912 ,First time landed in Bali in 1952 and got married with a Balinese dancer known as Ni Ronji in 1953 when he came to Bali, he was robbed by a stranger and then the king of Ubud (Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati.) gave two hectares of land as compensation, located at the confluence of two sacred streams.  . He then built a house as well as a gallery that is currently known by the name The Blanco Renaissance Museum. Antonio Maria Blanco had been an actor in Hollywood and a writer before eventually dedicating his life to painting.

The museum concept is to make the non-living alive, because the absence of windows in the building. Everything is built for a reason,is aimed to nurture the idea that the outside world is different with the maestro’s world and the colourful wall is the reflection of the maestro’s mood. He was a romantic expressionist who had had a very strong connection and deep appreciation to women. He adored women and worshipped the beauty of their bodies as God’s gifts.  Antonio died in Bali, December 10, 1999 at the age of 87 years, he leaves a wife and four children: Cempaka, Mario, Orchid and Mahadewi



bali museum

 2. Bali Museum

Bali museum first opened to the public on December 8, 1932, located at Jl. Mayor Wisnu, Denpasar, Bali, the Museum was built on a land area of 2,600 m2

In 1910, “WFJ Kroon”, a Resident Assistant for South Bali, sparked an idea to establish a museum of ethnography in order to protect cultural objects from extinction. He pointed to a German architect known as “Kurt Grundler together with the undagi (traditional Balinese building experts), such as I Gusti Ketut Rai and I Gusti Ketut Gede Kandel “from Denpasar.
finally they take a cosep to build a museum with architectural combination of Pura (place of prayer) and Castle (the royal palace).

Bali Museum in Denpasar often used by the people as a place to do a pre-wedding photo session, it is because the design and architecture of buildings. Entrance ticket just 5000 IDR, Open daily at 08.00-15.00



3d art

3. Bali 3D Trick Art Museum

Bali 3D Trick Art Museum is located at Road-Seminyak sunset road, around 10 minutes from Bali Airport. Opened on April 12, 2014, Bali 3D Trick Art Museum is new tourism attraction in Seminyak area. 3D Illusion art, started from Korea and have been praised all over the world, is coming to Bali. Inside the Museum you can take pose with about 120 art pieces created by worldly renowned illusion artists from Korea.

For entrance ticket just 100,000 IDR/ person for Local tourist and 150,000 IDR/ person for foreign tourists. Bali 3D Trick Art Gallery Bali is a permanent exhibition which is open daily Monday through Sunday, at 09:00 am to 22:00 pm.

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