Tampak Siring

     DSC_7047        Tirta Empul temple was build at 9 century, during Warmadewa kingdom time. In this holy spring temple we may able to see The Holy Spring water blowing the ground & inner pool temple site.
On the 2nd layer of the temple we able to see people in line put their head & drink the water from the showers along the wall side of pools. The waters are belived to have magic curative powers and people journey  from all over Bali  to purify themselves in the clear bathing pools.      

  This was once the bathing place for Balinese Kings. These are holy waters fed by a sacred spring that the Balinese Hindus have been coming to pray at for over a thousand years. You enter the long rectangular pool carved out of stone and immediately feel the coolness of the water as you make your way to the edge to leave your offerings. Tiny woven baskets filled with small flowers, rice, pieces of fruit and incense–food and sustenance for the spirits that you hope to win good favor with. This place only 30 minute from the main of ubud, and always busy by visitors as wel as local people come to pray.


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